Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sept. 16, 2013 Men and Mountains

Hello again,


     This last week was filled with even more rainstorms, but the apartment did not flood because we lined all of the window sills with cloths, so everything that tried to spill in was soaked up before it hit the floor. My room is the only one with a lip on the bottom of the window sills, so we don't have to worry about the water at all. All we have are small lizards that somehow find their way into the room, but we can deal with those.

     Today, I had the opportunity to go to Kumasi for a zone activity, and we all met together to climb Mt. Kronom. There are many rock quarries located on the mountain, so there were workers drilling away at rock. Climbing up, we had to push through very tall grass, and at one point we had to scale a rock that was really steep. Thankfully, the rock was "sticky," so we had no trouble running straight up the face of it. It only took 30 minutes to arrive at the top of the mountain, but no one made it without suffering from a few scratches due to thorny branches and bladed grass. I took some pretty good pictures at the top, so I will be sending those when I have the time to do so. We could look out on all of Kumasi and could see everything just stretching out to the horizon.  It was nice to hike up and exert myself, but it was also nice coming back because I was feeling pretty hot from the sun. When we got to the bottom and walked along a road for a while, someone stopped us and let us know that the workers in the quarries frequently used dynamite and explosives to lose the rock, so next time we should inform the workers before we try to hike it again. Thankfully, no explosions were going on, so we were safe from harm. Next time (if there is one), we will be more careful.

     As I said, we had many rainstorms last week, but we taught as many lessons as we could. My companion doesn't like the rain and won't proselyte even with a heavy rain jacket on, but I am fine with it because the whole place just floods and all you do is slip and slide in the mud. It is impossible to walk anywhere during a storm, so we just stay inside and study. I thought that the rainy season was already over, but apparently it is starting up again. We will do everything we can to keep the work moving, but rain has really proven to be a setback.

     I pounded Fufu for my first time this week, and my arms are terribly sore from it. I didn't have my camera with me for pictures to be taken, but I figure that there will be many opportunities for it. Preparing food here is just stressful, because most of the foods require pounding to prepare or using a pestle and mortar. It is hard to find overweight people here because of all of the work they do.

     Each week, I feel that I have less and less to talk about since the area is the same and the people we teach are the same. When we search for new investigators, the ones we teach eventually fall through, so we are constantly falling back to our old teaching pools. We are doing our best to work it all out, but things are hard. I hope that this next week will be better, but all I can do is pray and trust in the Lord. 



Elder Twede


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