Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nov. 11, 2013 Some Times Missions Are Just Hard

Hey Dad (and family),
There are dogs everywhere here, but we really see more goats and chickens than anything else. The dogs all shy away from people here because they will usually be killed and eaten (as well as the cats in the area), so I haven't become attached to any of them at all.
     You know, I wish I could say that I am having more and more fun on my mission, but it just seems to get harder and harder some days. Last Wednesday I woke up to find a nasty bite on my neck. I didn't take much notice it and decided that it would eventually go away as long as I applied oils to it, so I treated it and went to sleep. I woke up in the morning with a swollen neck, and I showed my companion the bite. It was on the back of my neck so I couldn't see it, so all I heard from him was "Oh, geez." He took my camera and took a picture of the bite, after which time I called Sister Holmes (mission president's wife) to see what to do about it. I explained the problem to her and she gave me a doctor's number which I called and was able to receive a diagnosis of what was happening. Apparently, I was bitten by a spider and the bite became infected, so it started to spread. He told me that if I didn't do something about it immediately, it would spread to the rest of my body. He prescribed some Amoxicyllin for me and I have been taking it ever since. Now, the infection has stopped spreading and it is now just peeling from my neck. I feel like a snake (for the second time on my mission). I couldn't turn my neck for the longest time, but now it is getting much better. I wish that it was the only problem I had.
     Four weeks ago, our district leader gave us different assignments within our apartment and I was given the responsibility of making sure that everything in the apartment got cleaned every Monday. To fulfill this task, I made a rotational schedule of different areas that each missionary would clean for every P-day until the end of the transfer, and everyone was okay with it. Things worked smoothly until this morning, when one missionary got an assignment that he didn't want. I talked and reasoned with him and explained that everyone has a responsibility to do each week, and that sometimes the tasks won't be pleasant. However, everyone should do their part, and their assignment for the next week will be something better than the last. He just told me to shut up and started to clean my area that I was supposed to clean for the day. I went into the kitchen because I just wanted to get away from the problem and I had been boiling some sausages, and then my head started to buzz. I didn't know what was happening and I got out some bread to cut, but I couldn't even pick up the knife because my hands were shaking and my vision was blurry. I then got some water and two Amoxicyllin pills for the infection, and I put them in my mouth and swallowed them down, only to start laughing at the absurdity of the situation. I was laughing and laughing, and I had to sit down so that I could just calm down. I was viewing it as if I was in a movie. Imagine: The main character tries to carry out his duties but fails to do so because the other people around him have different plans. Then, he goes into the kitchen shaking and tries to pick up a knife but fails to do so. In frustration, he takes two pills in his hand and puts them into his mouth while his body is shaking. He gulps them down. -- It felt as if I was taking anti-depressants or something. Thankfully, everything passed and I was able to laugh everything away, but I just wish the situation never happened in the first place.
     On a better note, Sister Comfort will be getting baptized this upcoming Sunday. Mom, you are correct in counting the number of baptisms I have had. I have had two (only one was confirmed), and Sister Comfort will be my third. The investigator who wasn't confirmed is now being taught by the other companionship, so they are doing what they can to help her. My companion and I have a couple of people who are steadily progressing, but we have yet to see them in the church service. I know that some weeks will be up and some weeks will be down, but in the end all of it will be for my gain. These experiences that I have help me to grow, and the best place to have them are on my mission.
     Wow, Matthew has grown so much since last time I saw him. I think I am a little taller myself, but not by that much at all. He can use my vest as much as he wants, I'll just get something different when I get back. I can't believe that Adalie is almost 17 already. Happy early birthday! I am so glad to see that everyone is doing well. I have to go now, but I leave my best wishes with all of you. Christmas is swiftly coming and before you know it, I will be calling home. I love you all, and I pray for you every day.
Your son and brother,
Elder Twede

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